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Division: All Boys - Jr

Generated At: 2024-02-29 18:12:25 UTC

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**Letter Codes:
M = Multiple Instances
T = Time Exceeded

Play Time
Score Time
1CCX-0272UKAll Boys - Jr203:55:0403:35:00167
2CCX-0002UKAll Boys - Jr203:58:0503:52:25146
3CCX-0355UKAll Boys - Jr203:57:0302:36:59129
4CCX-0398UKAll Boys - Jr202:58:0302:15:01123
5CCX-0211UKAll Boys - Jr203:47:0303:37:05123
6CCX-0277UKAll Boys - Jr203:56:5903:06:02118
7CCX-0083UKAll Boys - Jr203:53:5903:49:58107
8CCX-0214UKAll Boys - Jr203:54:0203:48:5998
9CCX-0366UKAll Boys - Jr203:28:0203:25:0089
10CCX-0131UKAll Boys - Jr203:51:5803:49:03M87
11CCX-0218UKAll Boys - Jr203:40:0003:39:3486
12CCX-0004UKAll Boys - Jr203:58:0403:43:0266
13CCX-0367UKAll Boys - Jr203:30:0003:18:5961
14CCX-0356UKAll Boys - Jr203:56:0103:41:1961
15CCX-0253UKAll Boys - Jr203:35:5803:31:5755
16CCX-0206UKAll Boys - Jr203:50:0003:46:5933
17CCX-0245UKAll Boys - Jr101:49:5801:49:5825
18CCX-0357UKAll Boys - Jr203:51:5702:57:5723
19CCX-0077UKAll Boys - Jr203:46:5703:18:5612
20CCX-0201UKAll Boys - Jr102:02:5501:24:580

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