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Division: All Girls - Sr

Generated At: 2024-02-29 18:41:11 UTC

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**Letter Codes:
M = Multiple Instances
T = Time Exceeded

Play Time
Score Time
1CCX-0388UKAll Girls - Sr204:45:0104:43:00T107
2CCX-0095UKAll Girls - Sr204:01:0103:54:59T92
3CCX-0374UKAll Girls - Sr204:01:0003:57:06T110
4CCX-0390UKAll Girls - Sr203:59:0303:46:59121
5CCX-0343UKAll Girls - Sr203:59:0103:49:58138
6CCX-0125UKAll Girls - Sr203:58:0503:55:00155
7CCX-0110UKAll Girls - Sr203:57:1403:57:14108
8CCX-0494UKAll Girls - Sr203:57:0103:17:0089
9CCX-0059UKAll Girls - Sr203:56:5903:52:01137
10CCX-0364UKAll Girls - Sr203:56:0403:55:0482
11CCX-0037UKAll Girls - Sr203:56:0403:15:0582
12CCX-0360UKAll Girls - Sr203:56:0003:27:59142
13CCX-0269UKAll Girls - Sr203:55:0403:42:01167
14CCX-0213UKAll Girls - Sr203:53:0303:48:02129
15CCX-0184UKAll Girls - Sr203:53:0303:50:0394
16CCX-0064UKAll Girls - Sr203:53:0203:35:58130
17CCX-0342UKAll Girls - Sr203:53:0203:40:03123
18CCX-0005UKAll Girls - Sr203:52:0403:45:05118
19CCX-0099UKAll Girls - Sr203:52:0103:25:00127
20CCX-0197UKAll Girls - Sr203:51:5802:11:0049
21CCX-0100UKAll Girls - Sr203:51:0403:35:01114
22CCX-0075UKAll Girls - Sr203:51:0303:40:04131
23CCX-0109UKAll Girls - Sr203:42:3203:42:32108
24CCX-0254UKAll Girls - Sr203:41:5903:35:5978
25CCX-0222UKAll Girls - Sr203:41:0303:34:02105
26CCX-0050UKAll Girls - Sr203:41:0303:40:0379
27CCX-0111UKAll Girls - Sr203:38:0003:20:03106
28CCX-0036UKAll Girls - Sr203:37:5903:09:00112
29CCX-0231UKAll Girls - Sr203:33:0202:49:5959
30CCX-0226UKAll Girls - Sr203:32:4803:02:0197
31CCX-0121UKAll Girls - Sr203:25:5703:10:5676
32CCX-0194UKAll Girls - Sr203:14:0302:16:0561
33CCX-0255UKAll Girls - Sr203:02:5003:02:5047
34CCX-0228UKAll Girls - Sr202:55:5702:39:5770
35CCX-0256UKAll Girls - Sr202:53:3602:39:5873
36CCX-0219UKAll Girls - Sr202:49:0502:04:5889
37CCX-0353UKAll Girls - Sr202:49:0502:48:0588
38CCX-0230UKAll Girls - Sr202:43:0102:14:00131
39CCX-0397UKAll Girls - Sr202:39:0200:50:0167
40CCX-0286UKAll Girls - Sr202:32:5901:56:01112
41CCX-0491UKAll Girls - Sr200:22:5800:13:582

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