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Division: Mixed Team - Sr

Generated At: 2024-02-29 19:42:30 UTC

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**Letter Codes:
M = Multiple Instances
T = Time Exceeded

Play Time
Score Time
1CCX-0029UKMixed Team - Sr203:54:0303:47:06113
2CCX-0031UKMixed Team - Sr204:01:0303:54:02T114
3CCX-0039UKMixed Team - Sr203:44:0003:43:0297
4CCX-0060UKMixed Team - Sr203:51:5803:50:59121
5CCX-0065UKMixed Team - Sr203:55:0403:54:01111
6CCX-0070UKMixed Team - Sr203:46:0303:24:00109
7CCX-0092UKMixed Team - Sr204:12:5203:34:02T55
8CCX-0098UKMixed Team - Sr203:44:0003:34:40143
9CCX-0103UKMixed Team - Sr203:55:0503:41:04125
10CCX-0122UKMixed Team - Sr201:34:5701:23:5652
11CCX-0132UKMixed Team - Sr203:51:0303:40:59125
12CCX-0133UKMixed Team - Sr203:51:0303:27:03139
13CCX-0141UKMixed Team - Sr203:54:3903:43:07125
14CCX-0154UKMixed Team - Sr204:30:5603:44:57T50
15CCX-0175UKMixed Team - Sr204:01:0403:51:03T106
16CCX-0198UKMixed Team - Sr203:47:5803:30:5984
17CCX-0204UKMixed Team - Sr203:43:0003:16:01148
18CCX-0220UKMixed Team - Sr203:58:0303:52:05133
19CCX-0236UKMixed Team - Sr203:59:0203:57:02131
20CCX-0237UKMixed Team - Sr203:10:5601:59:58M0
21CCX-0247UKMixed Team - Sr204:41:5701:20:56T39
22CCX-0250UKMixed Team - Sr203:55:5903:35:04139
23CCX-0259UKMixed Team - Sr202:20:0201:59:0183
24CCX-0260UKMixed Team - Sr202:48:0202:47:0398
25CCX-0261UKMixed Team - Sr203:53:5903:34:59124
26CCX-0270UKMixed Team - Sr203:55:0103:48:01151
27CCX-0274UKMixed Team - Sr103:35:1401:51:5738
28CCX-0280UKMixed Team - Sr204:01:0003:50:00T101
29CCX-0281UKMixed Team - Sr203:58:5903:52:5996
30CCX-0282UKMixed Team - Sr203:50:0602:56:08146
31CCX-0283UKMixed Team - Sr205:54:0002:10:00T66
32CCX-0294UKMixed Team - Sr203:24:5903:21:00113
33CCX-0312UKMixed Team - Sr203:50:5903:47:03123
34CCX-0313UKMixed Team - Sr203:55:4603:26:59132
35CCX-0315UKMixed Team - Sr203:55:3903:55:39132
36CCX-0317UKMixed Team - Sr203:54:0303:46:02119
37CCX-0332UKMixed Team - Sr203:17:0203:15:0297
38CCX-0351UKMixed Team - Sr203:53:0003:43:05123
39CCX-0420UKMixed Team - Sr203:53:0103:18:04120
40CCX-0423UKMixed Team - Sr203:29:0203:24:02116
41CCX-0434UKMixed Team - Sr203:53:0103:45:59138
42CCX-0444UKMixed Team - Sr103:53:0003:37:5930
43CCX-0452UKMixed Team - Sr203:56:0203:32:01126
44CCX-0453UKMixed Team - Sr203:53:5903:51:00132
45CCX-0455UKMixed Team - Sr203:54:0303:49:03113
46CCX-0458UKMixed Team - Sr203:46:0003:17:58117

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